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First Consultation

Having made an appointment to see Mr Achan, you will come to see him for your first consultation.

This is when he will take a full history of your specific hip or knee condition as well as your general health. He will ask you about your nature of work and social and sporting requirements in order to assess the level of activity and performance you demand from your joints.

If possible, by filling out the Initial Consultation form, you can speed up the process of history taking to maximise the time for your clinical examination and the discussion of your condition and treatment options.

The clinical examination will involve a thorough examination of the joint in question, the joints above and below as well as the opposite (often unaffected) joint. Sometimes it is necessary to evoke some of the pain in order to make the diagnosis, but this will be kept to a minimum. Mr Achan has over 15 years of experience in joint examination and can glean a lot of information from this part of the assesment.

Once the clinical evaluation is complete, appropriate investigations are carried out to confirm or refute the differential diagnosis.

See Investigations.

You will be given a second follow up appointment once these investigations are carried out. At this visit Mr Achan will discuss the results, confirm the diagnosis and formulate a management plan.

This plan will start with non-operative options, and surgery will only be recommended when the benefits of an operative procedure outweigh the risks of any intervention and the outcome of the surgery has quantifiable and predictable results.

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